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AFSF 2023 Achievements 

2023 has been another successful year for AFSF. This is due to meeting or exceeding all of our aforementioned goals! Here is what else we achieved:

  • We awarded four student scholarships worth a total of $2000, $500 for each Scholar attending four different schools, one coll​ege in Missouri (Stephens College), one university in Alabama (Tuskegee University), one college in Georgia (Morehouse College) and one university in Massachusetts (Harvard University). We had a scholarship reception for our scholars that included food, music, and fellowship with them and their parents. The reception also included a powerful young keynote speaker Lauren Bowers. Each Scholar was also given an AFSF certificate and backpack filled with school supplies and lots of other goodies.

  • We awarded a community organization (Humanity in the Middle) $500. They address the gap between the police and the community, especially as it pertains to youth. They seek to build trusting relationships between the two groups.

  • Our board members donated Wish List items in December to The Core Collective at Saint Vincent (formerly the St. Vincent Home for Children) for their Transitional Program. More details on this in our Services and Supports Section.

  • We are in good standing with the State of Missouri and the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Our success could not have been accomplished without the dedicated board members of AFSF and all of our donors and supporters. 

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