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Services & Supports

High School Graduates

We work closely with selected high schools to make AFSF Scholarship Applications available for their graduating seniors. Each school will have one student chosen. The applications are reviewed by our Scholarship Selection Committee. There is set criteria that students must meet. Student need is factored into the application process. A scholarship is offered to the student selected provided they show proof of attendance at the college, university or post secondary vocational school. 

We also offer the scholarship recipients a financial seminar to educate them on banking, budgets, personal finance and how it will factor into their future for credit and other financial matters. There is an emphasis on college for those living on campus.

Community Organizations

We choose to work with community organiztions that are startups or underfunded. We have set criteria for them to meet as well. They must provide services, programs and/or products that help young people. Once selected, they are given a monetary award to assist their organization. This helps to increase our outreach and impact with youth.

Community Projects

Each year as part of celebrating our anniversary, we do a "Giving from Our Hearts" Community Project that further serves young people in underserved communities. In 2023, we purchased items  on The  Core Collective at Saint Vincent (formerly St. Vincent Home for  Children) Wish List for their young people who are transitioning out of the residential home due to age. We had a pallet full of items for them thanks to our generous board members who gave of their own treasure to benefit the young people. See pictures:






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