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Who We Are

We are a 501c3 Nonprofit Charitable Organization in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area

Mission And Vision

Our Mission

Scholarship: To provide a scholarship for supplemental financial support to high

school graduates as they pu​rsue post-

secondary education to increase their

knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Support: To expand our outreach to youth

by providing a monetary award for financial

support to an underfunded/or startup 

community organization that serves the

needs of young people holistically, thereby increasing their chances for academic

success and productivity in adulthood.

Our Vision

To make a positive impact in the lives of young people that will set them up to achieve at their highest level and become productive citizens in 

our global society.



Our Board

             Our Board is diverse and consist of members from the educational, communications, medical and governmental fields. Though diverse, we all have a passion for young people and making the world a better place for them to succeed.

Dr. Andrea Flynn, President 

Monica Huddleston, Vice President 

Valerie Davis, Secretary

 Charlie Thompson, Treasurer

Charlie Dooley, Director

 Sharon Hardnett, Director 

Kristina Hazley, Director

Valerie Isreal, Director 

Dr. Barbara Thompson, Director 

        Jayron Rodgers, Student Representative  

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